Adventurous in nature, people count on my direction to try new ways of reaching new audiences. This applies to public relations, editorial management and advocacy. My bylined works have prevailed transition of tools and evolution of thought over two decades. This includes community news, trade magazines, copywriting, blogging and podcasts.

I appreciate both sides of an editor’s desk with first-hand experience, and respect the privilege to earn income with words.

I’m a future thinker, ever curious. I imagine how inspiration may create change — but only if combined with awareness first, and understanding second.  This I see as the careful dance of writers and editors.

Now and long after my death my name will be found in the digital land of reasoned comments, the town square of our day. But I don’t always jump in. My experience gives me the confidence to sit back and simply recognize a picture of a point on a collective continuum of ideas formed and dissipated.

I work to dispel cynicism with, and I do like to imagine I can nudge the world.

My global point: After residing in Denver, San Francisco and Ouray, Colo., I now lead an enviable life from a sunny home in Fort Collins, Mecca for bicyclists, beer lovers and deep thinkers. My two children are young adults, my husband is a successful professional photographer, and my dogs are happy. 

I am available for assignments of various scope. 

RESUMÉ — an updated copy of my Curriculum vitae is available by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

Except where noted, all photography is © Tom Koetting ~ used by permission.